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Fingers In the Socket is the first self released EP from Ma’Grass, it took 7 months in the making and features six original pieces written and arranged by Matteo Grassi whilst Ella Bites has enriched the work with her sharp writing style.

Fingers in the Socket features some of the best top session musicians within the London’s music scene and mixed by engineer Diego Salema Reis. Since its release, several copies of the album have been sold at gigs and online generating a fertile new beginning for the band.

The album is available for sale online on itunes, spotify, napster, grooveshark etc. and some of the songs have been featured in Funk, Jazz and Soul compilations also available on spotify.

Tracks from Fingers in the Socket are also featured on Please get yourself a copy of our work if you like what you hear! We will be grateful about that and will keep us going.

If you dig what you hear, please grab a copy of our work from:

Available supports: Cd, Mp3

Release date 23/02/2013

Artwork realized by Alexander Grigorev ( )